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Joseph Decuis Wagyu Farm — "A Farm Dressed in a Tuxedo"

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We believe in the "Farm to Fork" experience so much, we established our own farm where we raise the legendary Japanese beef — Wagyu — free range hens, Dixie Rainbow and Naked Neck chickens, Mangalitza pigs, goats, sheep, turkeys, herbs and vegetables for our Restaurant and Emporium.

Joseph Decuis Wagyu

Wagyu is arguably the finest tasting, healthiest beef in the world, and Joseph Decuis is the only restaurant in the United States raising our own Wagyu with traditional Japanese husbandry practices — all natural, humane, drug-free, stress-free. Learn more about Wagyu.

Book Your Event at the Farm

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Our Farm is the perfect venue for memorable special events, including weddings, receptions, rehearsals, corporate events, charitable fundraisers, and family gatherings.

We offer private farm tours on Saturdays for our dining guests. Many have called this "the ultimate farm to fork experience." Experience how your food is raised, and enjoy it at the Restaurant.

Contact us to arrange a tour or plan a special event!

Call (260) 672-1715 or email for Alice Eshelman.